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Animeo Alcohol Free White 750ml

White W30079

White Animeo is produced in Almeria, Spain from Airen grapes, 
which combine the sweetness and aroma of its origin with
the necessary oiliness to make this wine a wonderful
companion in your daily life. It is prepared very carefully and shortly before bottling
the alcohol is removed, retaining its basic characteristics
and extracting only the alcoholic and caloric content
of this aroma-rich citrus wine. Rich in freshness,
aroma and liveliness with a pleasant dry aftertaste.
Ideal to accompany rice, fried appetizers and seafood.
Animeo has been produced by a method known as low 
temperature vacuum distillation, the most traditional
and least aggressive method of removing alcohol.
Through this sophisticated method, it is processed
without large fluctuations in temperature or pressure. Calories per glass (100 ml): approx. 22 calories

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