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Mezcal Bruxo No 2 Pechuga de Maguey Joven 700ml

Mezcal D40008

Bruxo No 2 Pechuga de Maguey Joven Mezcal 700ml

BRUXO No. 2 Pechuga de Maguey Joven belongs to the Ensemble category, which means that it comes from two or more different agave species.

In this case it usually consists of 80% agave espadin (never below 20%) and 20% agave barril (up to 50%).

The average age for the first type of agave is 8 years, while for barril it is 10 years. Mezcal Bruxo No. 2 Pechuga de Maguey is made by Pablo Vazquez and Herminio Coronado.

Cooking is done in stone, conical ovens and milling in the traditional stone tahona.

The fermentation takes place in wooden tanks and the distillation for two times in a copper still, during which, however, a pina is also placed which gives this golden color.

Intensely botanical mezcal (fennel, mint) complemented by the classic notes of tobacco, next to sweet citrus and chocolate.

Alcohol content: 46% Packaging: 700ml Country of Origin: Mexico

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